Cinderella cleans up good (or decent at least)

Well, I got the essentials stowed away in better localities, sorted various keep-sakes and other items of interest (hey, that’s where that thing was all this time!), stuffed and piled up several bags of trash, peeled away and hauled out that ragged piece of carpet, then did some sweeping and sweeping and more sweeping. Gradually, the room became enter-able once again. Also got rid of some old paint cans and bits of left-over fix-up stuff stacked in the other doorway, providing extra enter-ability, as well as exit-ability. I was pleasantly stunned at how much the house has really opened up. It almost feels bigger than way back when I moved in. There are now two routes for going from front to back to front to back and around and around and around — whew! gotta sit down now. OK, so here’s a first-look:


I set up the chair and small table for afternoon tea and morning coffee — gotta get use to the new space, you know. And note the door panel leaning against the wall, because that’s about to get re-purposed, as well.


I’d wanted to make a work table out of it but couldn’t decide on what to use for supports. Looking around online, I found and borrowed this idea from the folks over at Trendy Tree. Thanks y’all! I didn’t bother dressing it up like they did, since that might have created a clash with the current state of things. Here’s another shot with a few added accessories:


And with that ends phase 1 of my project. Phase 2? That one’s still hanging with the dust in the air at the moment. But here’s another forgotten item I found among the debris: thinking and doing are actually two different species of activity (“well, duh, Fred! anyone could’ve told us that”). OK, let’s give this another shake: thinking too long about something only gave me an excuse for not doing it; but then, only after I did it did I realize the importance of the thinking part. Yeah, that leaves my head spinning, too. But let’s face it: because reality is such a brain-drainer, the body, mind and spirit simply need a little recharging now and then. Reading a good book, listening to music, playing with the dog, sitting down with a hot cup of tea or coffee — and most important of all: PRAYER!!! — these things are necessities of life. And I’m sure you could add a few of your own, so get busy recharging already and enjoy. Till next post!


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