The Third Life is about change. Not the political kind, mind you. And no alteration of anybody’s wardrobe is being proposed either. Nor is there anything here to represent the beginning of something new. The life that underlies all change has always remained the same, the change itself coming only when one begins to look at that life differently from before. That shift of mental focus from then to now constitutes the actual change. But enough with the metaphysical stuff.

I had been working 12 years for the same company before being layed off in the Spring. Over the ensuing Summer months, more job applications went out than fingers and toes could count. Then, during the first week of September, I felt the shift. I was standing that evening in the doorway of a darkened, junk-ladened room of my house, — it might have been a spare bedroom once — when all thoughts previous to that moment felt suddenly turned inside-out: I had been expecting someone to offer me a job based on my skills and experience. Now, you’re probably reading that as just an ordinary assessment, but try seeing it through my eyes. I mean, even the room was giving me the same inverted vibe: I had been expecting some as-yet-uninvited guest to come and stay in it. While struggling to get things turned right-side-out again, — no easy task in the dark — I saw a bright vision of the Third Life. It said to me, “just hire yourself and use this room as workspace for whatever project you can find.” No, that’s not what really happened, but a shift in thinking did occur and continues to spread and grow toward that same light. To provide a sturdier container for it, I began this blog in the hope of inspiring further shifts in the thinking of others. So then, come and experience the change with me.

ADDENDUM: Since I’ve reached a certain limit in dealing with the room, I decided to move on and pursue some other possible projects that might yet find space under the heading of Third Life. Cinderella’s not done yet!

Fred Bickham


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