Meet Cinderella


Meet the room. Not much to look at, is it? Well, it looked worse the day before. Why had I let it get that way? Well, for about the first 8 years of living in this house, I had designated it a spare bedroom for possible guests; however, with no prospective occupants showing up, and no other space left for storing stuff, — OK, let’s call it what it is: junk — the spare bedroom got re-purposed into a “storage room” for anything and everything that needed getting out of sight. I just kept tossing in one thing after another, until the entire space had devolved into a kind of forbidden zone.

Then came this idea for what I call the Third Life. That’s the way I’ve been recently looking at the next 15 to 20 years of mine, as a time for picking up some pieces of past experience, packing them up with some new learning, and taking a more innovative approach to living. The same applies to this once-spare, once-forgotten room, yet once again receiving a re-purposing of sorts. I’m still in the planning phases of what that next purpose will be, but for now first things first: the remaining junk needs to go, the rest of the carpet needs ripping up, and a good sweeping and scrubbing are very much in order. So, that’s where things stand at this point. And that’s also where this blog is set to go, toward chronicling the transformation of wasted space from has-been to will-be to ready-to-order.